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Crystal Ball 40 mm- 10-Pack with 10 brass wire

Crystal Ball 40 mm- 10-Pack with 10 brass wire

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*10-Pack 40mm , 1.57 Inch with 10 brass Clips

*Replacement Chandelier Crystal Prism - Rectangle Symmetrical Cut Prism - 10-Pack with 10 brass Clips, Full lead Crystals which has a lead Oxide content of over 30% ( Highest in the industry) these Crystal are precision cut and polished just like diamonds using the highest technology available to achieve the maximum color refraction and sparkle. Crystal Ball, The size (40 mm = 1.57 Inch) can be used in a multitude of decorative ways to suit your taste, such as wedding decoration , Chandelier crystal replacement, room&window decoration ,etc . Let your imagination make this wonderful, sparkling crystal into an Object of creative art that will a certain charm and beauty to your surrounding 

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